• A conversation with Aaron Rourke, President of the Board of Trustees of Rivers Unlimited about leading collaborative processes and finding shared interests with unexpected partners to protect high quality river ecosystems.
  • On September 12, 2012, Joe Bonnell interviewed Laura Shinn, Director of Planning in the Ohio State University's office of Physical Planning and Real Estate, about the removal of the lowhead dam near the 5th Avenue bridge on the Olentangy River in Columbus Ohio. The Ohio State University has been very involved in planning the restoration of the river after removal of the dam.
  • Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas extraction: Impacts on water resources. An interview with Penn State Water Quality Specialist Bryan Swistock.
  • On August 24, Joe Bonnell interviewed Dan Mecklenburg, Ecological Engineer with the ODNR Division of Soil and Water Resources. Dan and his colleague Laura Fay recently released a technical report, titled A Functional Assessment of Stream Restoration in Ohio that details the results of their study evaluating the ecological integrity of over 50 stream restoration projects around the state. In this interview, Dan talks about the purpose of the study, their methods for assessing ecological integrity, and implications for future stream restoration projects.
  • On July 7, 2011, Joe Bonnell (OSU Extension) interviewed Gail Hesse (Ohio EPA and Ohio Water Resources Council) about a new report released by OEPA: Harmful Algal Bloom Response Strategy. Gail explains how the report came about and provides an overview of the report, including agency plans for monitoring, standards for algal toxins for public beaches and drinking water, and requirements for public notification. You can download the interview here.