The suburban landowners we interviewed faced unique problems such as trying to maintain an attractive lawn while also protecting the environment. They enjoyed recreating in and around the stream and watching wildlife. Some of their objectives included reducing erosion and flooding while protecting the health of their family and environment.

Reduce erosion and flooding

Loss of stream banks due to erosion is a problem that suburban streamside landowners are concerned about. In some cases (especially in older neighborhoods) erosion was so severe that streamside landowners were concerned about it significantly affecting their property value. Suburban landowners dealing with erosion are typically addressing a difficult legacy problem (i.e., they did not create it but now must address it). Unfortunately frequently used practices to control erosion such as placing rocks or concrete along the stream bank require a permit and may actually just move the problem downstream or upstream and do little in the long run to address the problem. Maintaining a stream buffer is a practice that can help reduce erosion and help protect the health of the environment.


Promoting wildlife and recreation

Suburban landowners we interviewed told us they really enjoyed the wildlife in and around the stream and often went creeking with their children. Streamside corridors are one of the most diverse wildlife habitats in the state of Ohio and are home to a variety of songbirds and insects critical to a healthy stream system. In order to promote wildlife in and around the stream there are a number of backyard conservation steps you can take.


Protecting health of family and the environment

One important step suburban streamside landowners can take to protect the health of their family and the environment is to use low impact lawn care practices.