New Survey Shows the Need for Investing in People for Clean Water

Feb. 24, 2021

Leadership for Midwestern Watersheds, a program of Sand County Foundation and partner of North Central Region Water Network (NCRWN), just released a new report of a survey that assessed the professional development and peer learning needs and opportunities among watershed project leaders in the Upper Midwest. Here’s the executive summary; that and the full report can be found on the Leadership for Midwestern Watersheds webpage.  Leadership for Midwestern Watersheds (LMW) is a popular forum for professionals who lead projects that reduce agricultural runoff in watersheds of the Upper Mississippi River Basin.

Also, the survey lead, Craig Ficenec of Sand County Foundation, wrote a blog post for NCRWN on the major insights from the survey:

On a related note, that post was written for our Human Capital blog series, which features insights and stories to help tap the true human potential for achieving clean water in the Midwest. We launched the series in mid 2020 and I encourage you to check it out. It’s intended for watershed professionals and watershed leaders to provide insights that will help them succeed with their watershed projects.