Friends of the Ravines

Ravines in Franklin County
Contact Name: 
Martha Harter Buckalew
Job Title: 
Corresponding Secretary

C/O Friends of the Ravines
PO Box 82021
Columbus, OH 43202

(614) 267-6293
05060001-120, 0506001-230, 0506001-040, 0506001-220, 0506001-180, 0506001-140, 0506001-160

Mission Statement: The mission of Friends of the Ravines (FOR) is to protect, preserve and restore ravine areas for the benefit of the urban community as well as the wildlife that utilize them. The stability of the ravines has been directly threatened by development, human activity, and utility placement. Uncontrolled invasive plant species are disturbing the natural ecosystem by displacing plantings native to ravine areas. Our goal is to educate and involve the public in conservation efforts to restore and preserve these natural areas. Through education and involvement we can prevent and alleviate further environmental damage.

Services to the Community:

- Sponsor an annual Community Forum focusing on ravine related topics
- Sponsor an Annual Plant Walk in a ravine in Franklin County
- Organize Ravine Clean-ups
- Organize native plant and tree plantings in ravines
- Supervise invasive plant removal from ravines
- Restore eroded ravine slopes

Friends of the Ravines major undertaking is the Glen Echo Ravine Restoration:
- Negotiating with Utility Companies to minimize damage to ravines with utilities running through them
- Print and distribute our official publication, Ravinia, twice a year
- Lobby city council and public officials to minimize development and construction that would threaten the well-being of a ravine
- Provide education programs to interested groups on the Anatomy of the Glen Echo Ravine Restoration
- Staff educational booths at Riverfest, Com-Fest, and Bio-Blitz

Group Structure: Friends of the Ravines is governed by a Board of Trustees that meets monthly except in July, November, and December. FOR has an annual Supporting Membership Drive to help cover operating costs. Large-scale restorations are funded by grants. To date Friends of the Ravines has received funding from The Columbus Foundation, The Nisource Environmental Challenge Fund, The Clintonville Fund, and The Ohio Environmental Education Fund.