2017 Ohio Watershed Academy Course Syllabus

Ohio Watershed Academy 2017

Course Syllabus


Welcome to the 2017 Ohio Watershed Academy course. The Ohio Watershed Academy (OWA) was first offered in 2001 and you will be participating in the 17th class. The purpose of OWA is to build the capacity of current and future watershed group leaders in Ohio to facilitate and participate effectively in collaborative watershed management issues.

This course syllabus is intended to provide OWA participants with an overview of the course structure, including instructional modules and assignments, and expectations and responsibilities of the program leaders and participants.

If you have any questions about the course feel free to contact Anne Baird, OWA Program Director at baird.41@osu.edu or by phone at 614-292-8603.

Program staff

Anne Baird – Program Director (baird.41@osu.edu, 614-292-8603)

Mary Slyby – Office Associate (slyby.5@osu.edu, 614-688-3421)


The complete schedule of assignments will come out April 2017. 

Instructional modules and assignments

The primary method of instruction is through online instructional modules. Each module has an assignment. Assignments are completed within one week and submitted for review. Everyone will complete the required modules in order during the first weeks of the course. You will have the opportunity to select elective modules for your final assignments.

Most modules include some introductory information and some additional required readings. Required readings are accessible online. Additional links and recommended readings are included for those who would like to delve deeper into a particular topic.

Most assignments involve creating a Word document and responding to a standard set of questions. The document is submitted through the OWA website and reviewed. The instructor marks assignments as “complete” or “incomplete”. If an assignment is marked incomplete, you will need to resubmit with recommended additions or changes in order to get credit for the assignment. You will also receive comments on your assignment intended to provide helpful feedback. Past students have indicated that these instructor comments have been one of the most beneficial aspects of the course, so be sure to read the comments on your assignments. Assignments submitted after the deadline will be reviewed for completeness but may not be returned with comments.

Some assignments involve completing an online quiz – you’ll need to score 70% to complete the assignment but you can take the quiz multiple times until you achieve the required score. Other assignments will involve participating in an online, asynchronous (meaning you can post comments at any time during the week) discussion.