About the Ohio Watershed Network

The Ohio Watershed Network is a program of Ohio State University Extension. The purpose of the network is to connect and educate professionals and volunteers working to apply watershed management principles to address water quality, quantity, and aquatic habitat issues in Ohio and downstream. Educational programs and content associated with the Ohio Watershed Network are focused on addressing non-point sources of pollution to Ohio's waterways through collaborative processes. Non-point pollution results from land use activities such as row-crop agriculture, pasture and livestock facilities, excavation for development, turf maintenance, and paved surfaces and rooftops in urban areas. Collaborative watershed planning and management requires inolving all interested parties (often called "stakeholders") in developing and implementing strategies and actions to address water resource problems and protect high quality ecosystems. 

On this website, you will find articles, podcasts, and webinar recordings on a variety of topics related to collaborative watershed management. Information about watershed groups around the state can be found on the searchable directory of Watershed Groups.   

Contact Information

For more matters pertaining to the watershed information available on this site, please contact Anne Baird at baird.41@osu.edu